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    Research Report China Sugar MarketResearch Report on China Sugar Market

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    Research Report on China Sugar Market

    字体大。 2009-08-19 15:58  来源:艾凯数据研究中心

    • 【报告名称】Research Report on China Sugar Market
    • 【关 键 字】Research Report China Sugar Market
    • 【出版日期】2009年6月
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    中国报告网提示:Research Report on China Sugar Market

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    Research Background

    The sugar industry of China witnessed ups and downs in the 2007/08 campaign owing to impacts from frosts and the financial crisis. Sugar price rose drastically and fell sharply. Apart from external factors, there were also internal factors of the sugar industry itself. The acreage of sugar crops expanded in the 08/09 campaign, yet the output fell by a large margin, and the supply and demand relation saw big changes as well.


    This report has a comprehensive analysis of China’s sugar market in late years based on data from China Sugar Association, Guangxi Sugar Association, Yunnan Sugar Association, the National Bureau of Statistics and the General Administration of Customs, and based on BOABC database and market survey. This report also has an in-depth analysis and forecast of China’s sugar market in the coming 3 years. This report is an important reference for relevant industries and investors for data or decision making.


    BOABC discusses the following issues in the report.

    1.       Policy and Trend of Sugar Manufacturing Industry in China

    2.       Acreage and Geographical Layout of Sugar Crops in China

    3.       Sugar Consumption and Trend in China

    4.       Impacts on Domestic Sugar Market from Import and Trend

    5.       Sugar Production, Mergers and Restructuring of Sugar Plants

    6.       Production, Consumption and Trend of Sugar Substitutes

    7.       Production Status of top 60 Sugar Producers in China



    1 Analysis of Industrial Policy Environment

       1.1 Policy on Industry and Investment

          1.1.1 Industrial Development Plan

          1.1.2 Investment Policy

          1.1.3 Policy on Entry into the Industry

       1.2 Impacts on Sugar Manufacturing from Environmental Protection

          1.2.1 Policy on Energy Saving of Sugar Plants

          1.2.2 Policy on “3 Wastes” from Sugar Plants

       1.3 Policy on Sugar Procurement and Pricing

       1.4 National and Local Policy on Reserve

       1.5 Policy on Import and Export

       1.6 Taxation and Subsidy Policy of the Industry

       1.7 Analysis of Policy Environment of Sugar Manufacturing in China and Outlook


    2 Sugar Crops

       2.1 Beets

          2.1.1 Production in Heilongjiang

          2.1.2 Production in Xinjiang

          2.1.3 Production in Inner Mongolia

          2.1.4 Production in other Regions

          2.1.5 Potential and Trend of Production

       2.2 Sugarcanes

          2.2.1 Production in Guangxi

          2.2.2 Production in Guangdong

          2.2.3 Production in Yunnan

          2.2.4 Cane Production in Hainan

    2.2.5 Potential and Trend of Production


    3 Analysis of Sugar Consumption in China

       3.1 Sugar Consumption by Food Processing Industry

          3.1.1 Carbonated Drinks

          3.1.2 Fruit Juices and Juice Drinks

          3.1.3 Dairy Products 

          3.1.4 Cans

          3.1.5 Biscuits

          3.1.6 Confectionary

          3.1.7 Cookies

          3.1.8 Fast-frozen Food

          3.1.9 Frozen Beverage

       3.2 Sugar Consumption by Residents

       3.3 Forecast of Sugar Consumption in China from 2009-2015


    4 Capacity and Production of Sugar Producers in China

       4.1 State-owned and State-owned Holding Companies

       4.2 Foreign-invested and Holding Companies

       4.3 Joint Ventures and Private Holding Companies

       4.5 Analysis and Forecast of Sugar Production in China from 2009-2015


    5 Analysis of Industrial Competitiveness

    5.1 Manufacturing Companies 

         5.1.1 Analysis and Forecast of Profit Margin

         5.1.2 Analysis of Production Cost and Profit

         5.1.3 Analysis of Production Capability

         5.1.4 Analysis of Risk-resistance Capability

         5.1.5 Analysis of Competitiveness of Companies of Different Scales

         5.1.6 Analysis of Competitiveness of Companies with Different Techniques

    5.2 Trade Processing Companies

       5.2.1 Analysis of Import Profit Margin and Forecast

    5.2.2 Analysis of Import Cost and Profit

    5.2.3 Analysis of Risk-resistance Capability

    5.2.4 Analysis of Competitiveness of Companies of Different Scales

    5.3 Analysis of Competitiveness of Imported and Domestic Made Sugar


    6 Sugar Import

       6.1 Overview of International Market

       6.1.1 Analysis of Main Sugar Producing Countries

       6.1.2 Variations of International Sugar Market from 2000-2009

          6.1.3 Impacts on Domestic Sugar Market from International Price

     6.2 Changes of Sugar Import from 2000-2009

       6.3 Negotiation Mechanism of Sugar Import and Forecast

       6.4 Level of Dependency of Sugar Import

       6.5 Forecast of Sugar Import from 2009-2015


    7 Production, Consumption and Trend of Sugar Substitutes

       7.1 Starch Sugar

       7.1.1 Output from 2000-2009

          7.1.2 Consumption from 2000-2009

       7.1.3 Forecast of Production and Consumption from 2009-2015

       7.2 Saccharin

          7.2.1 Output from 2000-2009

          7.2.2 Consumption from 2000-2009

          7.2.3 Forecast of Production and Consumption from 2009-2015

       7.3 Other Sugar Substitutes

          7.3.1 Output from 2000-2009

          7.3.2 Consumption from 2000-2009

          7.3.3 Forecast of Production and Consumption from 2000-2009


    8 Sugar Price

       8.1 Sales Price in Main Producing Regions from 2000-2009

       8.2 Sales Price in Main Consuming Regions from 2000-2009

      8.3 CIF Price from 2000-2009

       8.4 International Price from 2000-2009

       8.5 Forecast of Trend from 2009-2015


    9 Key Sugar Producers (according to the sequence of production capacity)


    中国报告网提示:Research Report on China Sugar Market


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