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    Research Report On Automobile Storage Battery Industry In China

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    • 【报告名称】Research Report On Automobile Storage Battery Industry In China
    • 【关 键 字】中国,汽车蓄电池,Automobile Storage Battery ,China
    • 【出版日期】2008年10月
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    Automobile storage battery is the kind of power supply that provides electricity for automobile circuits while the dominant type in China is lead-acid automobile storage batteries that falls into three categories. The market demand for lead-acid automobile storage batteries in China has been increasing with the increase of automobile holders. But the influx of multinational companies has caused domestic battery manufacturers to face increased competition. High-end products still rely mainly on imports that ask for higher prices, on the other hand, Chinese main export products are largely low-end products. The leading domestic manufacturers are Fengfan Stock Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Tianneng Group and Shanghai Johnson Controls International Battery Co., Ltd. (SJCIBC) In the future, factors like raw material prices, national policies, trade barriers and the RMB exchange rate will affect the automobile lead-acid battery market and price trend. The main aspects for technological improvement of automobile storage batteries are maintenance-free design, strong power output, light weight, small size, power value of the battery, long life cycle, consistency of performance, safety for use and environmental friendliness.



    1. Overview of automobile storage batteries

    2. The status quo of automobile storage battery market in China
    2.1Production and sales of automobile storage batteries
    2.2 Export and import of automobile storage batteries
    2.3 Prices of automobile storage batteries
    2.4 Major manufacturers that produce lead-acid automobile storage batteries
    3. The development trend of automobile storage batteries in China
    3.1 Factors that have impacts on the markert of automobile storage batteries in China
    3.2 The trend of technological development of automobile storage batteries



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